Sunday, November 13, 2011


Something tells me from today's mini-harvest at the allotment that my veg won't be winning any prizes just yet...

But thankfully I'm not quite competitive or obsessed enough...  The essay is still not finished, however a girl has got to take a little break once in a while and I've been feeling a bit guilty for neglecting the allotment of late. 

I had visions of waist high weeds (again) - instead I have waist high lettuces. I don't know what's got into them, they are just bog standard lettuces which have somehow got unbelievably tall. What puzzles me more is that the slugs have never been interested in them, and my experience so far is that the slugs LOVE EVERYTHING. Take your eye off your packed lunch for a second and its gone. I planted 5 - FIVE - sturdy courgette plants one afternoon, I popped back to see how they were getting on less than 24 hours later and they were GONE. Not a leaf or a root left. Obviously, I'm not bitter about this experience at all.

Anyway. I don't even really like lettuce so my sister took one of the big 'uns to let her chickens peck at it. 

Apart from the lettuces, we had a very brief flurry of activity at the allotment due to some cold drizzle and an unimpressed niece. I am now the proud (?) owner/builder of the most ramshackle composter in Dundee, if not the world. I suppose that's what happens when two women and a baby are left to make a purposeful structure out of some corrugated iron, crumbling old window frames and a kitchen sink. Notice how I don't have a photo to show... 

That aside, I planted garlic and swooned over my impending brussel sprouts glut. Great.

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