Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring is (was?) here

Due to some unseasonably good weather, the allotment days are well and truly back on. Well, they were until it got a bit cold and damp today. Anyway, the point is that I've been lovingly absorbed in the following allotment activities (I love a good bullet point list):

  • Weed clearing
  • Weed clearing
  • Harvesting some super delicious purple sprouting broccoli which I managed to keep alive for almost a year. Da-nah!
  • Weed clearing
  • Standing with hands on hips wondering what on earth to do with all the horsetail. The general consensus is to keep digging it out.
  • Working on my much coveted 'allotment-sun-tan'. Honestly, a few extra freckles and some mud and everybody thinks I've been away to some distant land.
  • Weed clearing
But finally, and most excitingly, I've started to plant some seeds. As my favourite vegetable, broad beans were top of the list. Is 24 broad bean plants too many for one girl? Unlikely! I think I might plant some more... 

Also, I've planted some sunflowers because I love them. In my mind, they will look something like this:

But in reality, seeing as I only planted 20 and chances are they'll get eaten by mice in the greenhouse before I can plant them out, there may be a slightly different scene to behold. 

But in the meantime, I'm taking this planting gig very seriously and I even have an allotment diary in which I am noting when I've planted things, what varieties they are. All that sort of stuff. And today I went all the way to Broughty Ferry in order to get the seed potatoes I wanted (pink fir apple) and I went crazy buying onion sets. There'll be no stopping me now.

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